Blake Hose, Back for More

13161867_10154865340586982_7589066151224247565_oBlake Hose is a name many people in Skyrunning will know, and for good reason! Despite an early shaky start to his Skyrunning career (the infamous 2014 Buffalo Stampede drop fest), Blake went on to set the Skyrunning world alight with a 6th at the Skyrunning World Championships 2014 followed by a blistering 2015 Buffalo Skymarathon course record and then a 3rd place at Transvulcania. With a competitive cycling background, youth on his side and backed by the Salomon powerhouse Blake has quickly become hot property in any race that goes up and down! Blake will be bringing experience to our ANZ team from 2014 and will hopefully be leading the charge from the front on the weekend. Lucky for us we got a few minutes to chat to him and glean some tips along the way!

Skyrunning ANZ:  What (special thing)  have you done over the last few months to get ready for the world champs.

Blake: I’ve prepared for this race as I would any other mountain race really. I’ve just made sure I’m getting a good balance of hill work along with flatter faster sessions and trying to be as consistent as possible.

Skyrunning ANZ: Representing the country, what does it mean to you?

Blake: It’s definitely a special feeling to be representing Australia at an event like this. It makes you feel proud to see that all the work you’re putting in is paying off and gives you even more of a desire to want to succeed.

Skyrunning ANZ:  If you could give one tip a new runner looking to one day be standing in your shoes what would it be.

Blake: Be confident in the fact that when you commit properly to the task that it can be achieved!

Skyrunning ANZ: When times get tough in training and racing what is your “secret” to keep pushing or go faster.

Blake: I always just think of the benefits I will gain by getting it done versus quitting. Consistency is king and I know that if I can complete what I need to when it feels like everything is against me then the rewards will show their face on race day.

Skyrunning ANZ: If you could run any trail or race in the world which would it be and why?

Blake: I want to race in Antarctica!!!!!

A typical week of training in preparation for the World Championships for Blake looks like this: !

Monday: 16km easy.

Tuesday: Am: 40mins easy

Pm: workout of some sort, maybe a fartlek or hill reps. Eg. 10x2min hills

With jog back reco or 3/2/1 fartlek. Totalling 16-18km

Wednesday: 1.5-2hrs On hills

Thursday: Am: 40min easy

Pm: workout, will depend on Tuesday’s but a similar deal!

Friday: ride easy

Saturday: am: workout eg. 20min tempo plus shirt hill reps

Pm: 8km easy

Sunday: long run of about 3hrs with plenty of climbing