Matt Murphy – The Master of Suffering!

11136236_1180222038670803_617166961078423914_oMatt Murphy has (until recently) been more known for crossfit and obstacle course racing than crushing big mountains! The founder of the Search for Hurt TV program ,Matt has one very special gift….the gift to suffer! Matt dipped his toe in the Skyrunning world in 2015 when he ran the Buffalo Ultra (with film crew in tow), off little training and lots of hurting he finished. However it was his dedication to specific training and thirst for hurt that saw him rocket to the front and claim 2nd at the Buffalo Stampede Ultra 2016 securing his place on the Skyrunning team. Lets get to know Matt.

Skyrunning ANZ: What (special thing)  have you done over the last few months to get ready for the world champs.

Matt: Trying to build volume so I have the legs to be somewhere near the big hitters. I normally get stuck around 90km but am trying to get more time on the feet.

Skyrunning ANZ: Representing the country, what does it mean to you?

Matt: It’s great, I feel honoured and can’t wait to get out there and represent, especially doing something I am so passionate about.

Skyrunning ANZ: If you could give one tip a new runner looking to one day be standing in your shoes what would it be.

Matt: Build the km’s slowly and get in the gym a few times per week. You need to be strong to handle the big km’s/ Also get a good coach to help keep you accountable.

Skyruning ANZ: When times get tough in training and racing what is your “secret” to keep pushing or go faster.

12628571_742601112506270_2917735323044826414_oMatt: There is someone who would kill to be in my position right now so put your head down and hurt some more.

Skyrunning ANZ: If you could run any trail or race in the world which would it be and why?

Matt: Well I hear Tromso Skyrace is amazing, and that’s from some awesome runners, so for now Tromso it is 🙂

Below is one of the weeks of Matts Training program in the lead up to Worlds.

Monday            Gym + light 30-40 min run flat

Tuesday           1 hour minimum speed work run + PM easy 40 min (possibly ride as well)

Wednesday      Gym + 2 hours recovery rolling run

Thursday          1 hour 30 with Tempo work. Run and ride 2 hours easy

Friday              Gym and rest of day off

Saturday          30km with climbing and descending intervals

Sunday            30-40km with large climbs 3000 vert but low HR