6 Tips for Better Descending

By January 24, 2020

Most runners focus on the climbing and flat speed you need to be a better distance runner, but the downhills are just as important. This is even more a case in trail and mountain running where the descents can be
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6 Simple Hydration Tips

By March 12, 2018

Getting your fluid intake right is just one piece of the ultra running puzzle, but it’s arguably the most important. Apart from avoiding dehydration and hyponatremia, getting the right pack to carry the mandatory gear and maintaining it are also
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So you want to be a Skyrunner?

My name is Sam McCutcheon and I completed my first ultra 15 months ago running the 2015 Kepler Challenge in Te Anau, New Zealand. A few weeks later I ran my first Skyrunning event, the Ultra-Easy, in Wanaka, New Zealand
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4 Tips for Hounslow

By August 16, 2016

With the Hounslow Classic fast approaching, but still several weeks away, here are four training tips to think about in preparation for the event! You will be hiking most of the climbs. This means that it is important to develop
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Choose the Right Shoes!

When it comes to race day choosing the right shoe for the conditions can be the difference between a great day out in the mountains or a horrible disaster! Shoe selection should be based on a number of considerations depending
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