Here you will find some questions we have been asked by email or Facebook. Hope this is helpful but if you have questions which relate to individual events – please contact the Race Directors Direct HERE

Q: Which Age Groups are recognised in the ANZ SkyRunning Championships and ANZ Point Series Championship Race?
There is only one category and it is open age for people 18 and over. No one under the age of 18 is viable for points.

Q: Do I need to do all of the races in the series to be in the running for the ANZ Series Points Championship?

A: You need to complete a minimum of 3 sanctioned Skyruns. The best 4 results will be counted only.

Q: If I enter all 3 races at Buffalo Stampede can I count all the points towards the ANZ Series Championships?

A: No – Only your best result from each event can be included.

Q: Where can I direct media enquiries?

A: Please contact Dave Byrne – Skyrunning ANZ President at dbyrne@therustycage.com.au

Q: Do I have to be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand to qualify for the Championship and or the ANZ Points Series Championship ?

A: Any nationality can enter and win any of the Skyrunning ANZ races but only Australian and New Zealand nationals and permanent residents can qualify for the titles.

Q: I have a race that I would like to be considered as a Skyrace. How do I get this approved?

A: There are a number of qualifying critera each races has to have to be considered. Contact Dave Byrne – Skyrunning ANZ President at dbyrne@therustycage.com.au for more details

Q: Can I swap individual prizes for cash alternatives?

A: Generally No, Contact individual Race Director’s for more details.

Q: Do overseas (non ANZ sanctioned races) count towards my ANZ Skyrunning Series points?

A: No – Only Oceania sanctioned races are included in the Oceania series.