Management Committee

Skyrunning in Australia and New Zealand was set up by athletes for athletes. With that in mind and to ensure we hold true to the vision and spirit of Skyrunners all around the world we formed a Management Advisory Committee.

The purpose is to ensure we look after the needs of the runners before during and after events while growing the sport.


David Byrne – President Skyrunning Australia and New Zealand

Caine Warburton – Athlete Representative/Marketing

Matt Cooper – Race Director Liaison


ISF Management Committee 2012-2016

ISF Board
Marino Giacometti – President
Nicolao Lanfranchi – Vice President, Treasurer
Lauri van Houten – Vice President, Executive Director
Giulio Sergio Roi – Vice President, Medical
Nina Dacanay – Secretary General

Three representatives from Member Associations entitled to vote:
Fernando Lahoz, (Spain)
Evgeny Kolchanov (Russia)
Ian Sharman (Great Britain)

One member from the Athletes’ Commission:
Fabio Menino (Italy)

According to the ISF Statutes, Article 22 (post Annual General Assembly July 18, 2009)
July 6, 2012