5 Minutes with Lucy B!

By November 29, 2016

13177636_1011082755626510_2934916913091863574_nWhat makes Skyrunning different to other forms of trail running?

Skyrunning is taking the trails that take you high into the clouds the quickest and drop back to earth in the same manner. Sometimes the trails can seem crazy and not even a trail at all but in its true essence skyrunning is challenging oneself in the mountains.

What do you most like about it?

I love the places it has taken me, I love the people I have met though it and I love the challenge of completing events. I feel most alive when I am skyrunning.

Which races in the series did you do and how did they vary?

I competed in the Shotover Moonlight Marathon, the Hillary Trail, Northburn 50, Buffalo Stampede, Hounslow Classic and 4 Peaks. Each run was unique from NZ to Australia the atmosphere and the trail itself all had their challenges but also their rewards of views and finish lines. I love the diversity of these races and how one sport can capture so many different aspects of what Australia and NZ have to offer

12963402_998210966913689_2960771576583264491_nDo you have a favourite event?

I don’t think I could choose a favourite. They all had good memories, big challenges and left me with sore legs and a happy heart. Running the Buffalo Stampede was special to me as it is where I do a lot of my training and the atmosphere is full of energy.

How do ANZ races differ to those you’ve done in Europe?

The trails and mountains are totally different. The climbs are short, steep and constant in Australia and New Zealand whereas in Europe you can be climbing for 20km and stay up high for longer. Both prove to be challenging but also very rewarding.

14232623_1084845544916897_3148609306256335296_nWhat are your plans for 2017?

My big race for 2017 is the UTMB 100 mile. Prior to this I will race in Hong Kong in February in the 9 Dragons Race, Buffalo Stampede Marathon and UTA100 before heading back to Europe.

What tips do you have for those looking to become Skyrunners?

Don’t worry about pace and time, it all goes out the window when there are mountains in the way. Being happy and content with yourself is such an important part in becoming a sustainable skyrunner. I also think it’s really important to begin small and build your confidence. It’s hard work out there but it’s worth every step and every breath to get to the places you get to go as a skyrunner. Have fun.