Beth Cardelli – Running The Hillary

By February 2, 2017

The Hillary Sky Ultramarthon and Skyrace is the next race in the 2017 Skyrunning ANZ series. Held on a purpose built trail dedicated to the legendary Sir Edmond Hillary (you know that whole stand on top of Everest first guy) it sports some of the most diverse running on the circuit. From steep exposed mountain trail to sandy beaches and everything in between the Hillary is a real jewel in the Skyrunning calendar.

With that in mind it is no surprise that a race with these qualities continues to draw back elite runners year after year. One of those speedsters is Team Lasportiva runner Beth Cardelli, Beth is going back for a second bite at the Hillary cheery and we thought it high time to get her thoughts on the race!

Sky ANZ: Beth, you are a very talented runner with numerous race wins, records and achievements. What has drawn you to include the Hillary in this years race plans?

Beth:  It was my goal to compete in the ANZ Skyrunning Series 2015 and there were lots of new and exciting events on the calendar that I hadn’t done before. One of those events was The Hillary Ultra, NZ. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the event and the course. After rereading my race report from the 2015 event I remembered the good time I had and so this year I decided I would return to the event, this time with my husband Brian who will be doing the 34km event.

Sky ANZ: What are you looking forward to the most about the race?

Beth: The standout for me was the scenery. I’m not a beach person, but the way the hills meet the beach and the trail winds in and out of the coastline was a pleasant distraction while running.

Sky ANZ: Given the race is both technical but also fast how have you been specifically preparing for it?

Beth: I’m very flexible in my training, to the point that I cannot really call it training. Most of my running is on trails. I occasionally go on the road as it is more convenient running with my blind dog. To mix it up a little I occasionally do stair reps. All-in-all my training has been the usual unstructured routine. I run when I feel motivated in places that I enjoy. For a bit of variety I try to meet up with friends and run wherever. By the end of the week I still manage to average well over 100kms weeks.

Sky ANZ:  For a long race like this what kind of nutrition will you use?

Beth: My nutrition is appalling and I’m embarrassed to disclose just how bad it really is. Lets just say that you can buy it all in your average supermarket, and none of it comes from the health food isle. I’m happy to consume “real foods” before, during and after a run. My body has gotten used to digesting solids while running and it doesn’t seem to affect my performance. On the plus side, I don’t gag when I’m eating as I consume foods I really do enjoy.

Sky ANZ: Once the race is over what do you do to recover? (ice, compression, time off, beer, etc)

Beth: When finishing a race my first instinct is to eat and drink. I’m not usually fussy, but I do listen to my body to understand if it wants something sweet or savory. The next thing I look forward too is getting out of my usually grubby running clothes.

Sky ANZ: What kind of pack and shoes will you use for the race and are you a bottle or bladder type of girl.

Beth: The vest that I wear for long runs is the Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta 3.0. It fits me really well and is versatile enough to use no matter how little or how much gear I put in it. Since the introduction of soft flasks I’ve given away the bladders. The soft flasks are lots easier to access, interchange at checkpoints and observe my fluid intake. So accompanying my vest is the Ultimate Direction Body Bottles, which sit on the front of the shoulder straps. Getting me through just about all my runs is the trusted La Sportiva Akasha trail shoes. The Akasha’s have been the perfect trail running shoe.

Well there you have it, grab your nutrition plan, structured training plan and hydration bladders…chuck them out the window, buy a blind dog and go running!!……Just kidding we think a little something like hard work, a few screws lose in the pain management department and whole lot of talent are what puts Beth in front of everyone else….way in front!

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