Blake Hose, Bound for Buller!

By April 13, 2016

Image by Andrew Railton (

Well it’s been some time since we saw the fast legs and bright smile of Blake Hose on the trails but that’s about to change. As one of Australia’s best Skyrunners Blake has been pivotal in forging the identity of Australian Skyrunning so it’s no surprise we’re super excited to have him back, chomping at the bit and racing at this weekend’s Mt Buller Sky race.

Between working, running and featuring in awesome videos Blake is a busy guy but we managed to grab 5 minutes with him recently to talk about his love for the mountains.

Skyrunning ANZ: Mt Buller was your first trail run, why did you do it in the first place and why are you going back?

Blake: I don’t remember what is was exactly that drew me to the race initially. I think the timing was just good for me and the 36km that I had entered seemed a nice entry level distance to have a crack at. Even though I decided half way through the race to run the 45km! This year I’m just looking forward to getting back out there onto the huge network of trails that I think are really underrated! Funnily enough, it’ll kind of just be another chance for me to dip my toes in to a slightly longer run as I’ve had a tricky string of injuries of late.

Skyrunning ANZ: How does the Mt Buller course compare to other Skyraces you have done?

Blake: It’s got a bit of a unique feel about it actually; the variation in terrain and trails is different even to that which you see in other places in Victoria, like in Bright for instance. So it’s nice to have a run around somewhere that can give you that variation.

Skyrunning ANZ: What are your top 3 tips for new runners looking to take on the Skyrace at Mt Buller


  1. It’s very cliche, but saving your pennies for the closing stages in this race is particularly important. When running the 36km and 45km you finish on a tough 10km climb, so you’re better to hit it reasonably fresh and then become ragged, rather than hit it ragged and struggle to the summit!

2.The downhill section along the Delatite is deceiving as you’ll no doubt feel good, but it’s not a bad idea to hold back a little.

  1. Plan your nutrition and hydration as well as possible and do what works for YOU as an individual. Being guided by a friends strategy will unlikely work as you need to customise your approach for every person. Play around with different levels of calories and hydration in training well before the race to ensure no issues.
Image by  Andrew Railton (

Image by Andrew Railton (

Skyrunning ANZ: If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be.

Blake: Alaska.. It attracts me like nowhere else in the world with the really vast and wild nature. I also have an affinity for bears and wolves, so maybe that’s part of it… ha. Mount Marathon is on the cards for me!

Skyrunning ANZ: What shoes and pack will you wear at MT Buller.

Blake: I’ll be running in the Salomon S-Lab Wings shoes and using the Salomon Sense Ultra Set pack. Keeping it light and fast!

Well there you have it, some insight and words from one of our truly elite runners. Blake has run in Europe, Spain, New Zealand , Hong Kong and Australia…yet still comes back to the trails of Mt Buller…..perhaps its time we all went and experienced them for ourselves.