Joel Fitzgerald – Watch-Free since 83

By January 7, 2017

13016479_10154132267064136_881647685_oLet’s face it people are competitive! No matter if its running ultras, or playing ping pong against your feeble old granny (Look out she has a killer back hand) the competitiveness remains the same. Granted getting to run in amazing locations is maxo-superbo mondo, but that little voice in your melon that says “go on you wont do it” is also well and truly along for the ride.

Now there is not many things that can be taken from my approach to running, I am still learning myself and never claim to know anything more than what I do. However I always try to approach running with as little fuss as possible. Train hard, race hard and if you have neglected the first part don’t talk about it and just finish the race, simple eh?. It’s with this type of approach that I think of runners like Clarke McClymont and Jono O’Loughlin, no frills dudes (except for their last names) who just rip in and get the job done, no excuses, almost as if they are cast from the mould of Cliff Young himself .

Now remember each to their own, and if wearing lady stockings gets you to finish line faster then great. My training philosophy though is that if you are properly conditioned you don’t need much and less is sometimes better.

12999736_10154132262854136_315972690_oSo here is my essential list for the upcoming Ultra Easy 100;

  • Shoes: preferably not made of wood.
  • Shorts: Any kind, underpants on the outside is optional.
  • Running shirt: I like wool cause I like icebreaker and I want them to give me free stuff 😉
  • Hat: for waving down cars and beating flies to death.
  • A bag/pack to put things in: These days I have a fancy fluro one but did have a green shopping bag for a while which, while worked, is not recommended.
  • Food/Fuel: I enjoy mangoes, and beef jerky. Also bratwurst paste and a decent block of vintage cheddar.
  • Watch: No watch for me! Checkpoints are my guide. I find Constant monitoring annoying and avoid it wherever possible, the time is the time and your pace is your pace, a watch won’t change any of that.

In finishing it is like my coach Kevin Mannix always says ” If ya going to have coffee make it a strong one”

Joel Fitzgerald

(Amateur Electrician and Inspiring Athlete)