Team ANZ Announced!

It is with great pleasure and much excitement that we can finally announce the gifted runners who will represent Australia & New Zealand at the 2016 Skyrunning World Championships.

In 2014 our reputation as world class Skyrunners was forged on the slopes of Mt Blanc at the inaugural Skyrunning World Championships. That campaign saw our young and relatively inexperienced team tear the Skyrunning world apart to take home 3x top ten finishes, 3x junior podiums and an overall team position of 6th.

This year the Skyrunning World Championships will be held at the Buff Epic Ultra trail in Spain. With rugged high mountains and the thin air of altitude it is sure to present a great challenge for the 1000s of talented athletes competing in the World Championships.

Building from 2014 this year we plan to once again show the world what we are made of and have chosen some of our most talented athletes to stand toe to toe with the world’s best. Those selected will carry the dreams of two nations on their shoulders as they run, climb, scramble descend and generally crush the mountains of Spain.

Please congratulate our 2016 Skyrunning World Championship team!

Skyultra Distance:

12745556_959392134108499_6877993211201883977_nBen Duffus:

Results: 2nd Ultra Trail Australia 100km 2016, 3rd Skyrunning World Championships 2014, 1st Hounslow Classic Sky Ultra

Age: 23

Occupation: Physics PHD Student

Location: Brisbane QLD

Tom Brazier:

Results: 2nd Mt Buller Skymarathon, 3rd Hounslow Classic Skyultra, 4th Buffalo Stampede Skyultra

Age: 26

Occupation: Consultant Project Manager

Location: Canberra ACT

13123144_10154116145917114_6289589263038854338_oRuth Croft:

Results: 3rd Transvulcania 2016, 1st Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc CCC, 1st Zhangye 50km International Mountain race, 7th Sierre-Zinal Skyrace.

Age: 27

Occupation: Athlete

Location: Taiwan (New Zealand Born)

Beth Cardelli:

Results: 1st Ultra-Trail Australia 100km 2016, 2nd Buffalo Stampede Sky Ultra, 1st Hounslow Classic Skyultra, 1st Oceania Skyrunning Series 2015.

Age: 36

Occupation: Childcare

Location: Sydney NSW

Majell Backhausen:

Results: 4th Buffalo Stampede Skyultra, 2nd Shotover Moonlight Skymarathon, 3rd Hillary Skyrace

Age: 28

Occupation: Travelling runner

Location: Melbourne VIC

Sam McCutcheon

Results: 1st Buffalo Stampede Skyultra, 3rd Kepler Challenge, 1st UItra Easy 100km

Age: 27

Location: New Zealand

Skymarathon Distance:

Matty Abel:

Results: 2nd Buffalo Stampede Skyrace, 4th Shotover Moonlight Skymarathon, 3rd Ultra-Trail Australia 22km

Age: 29

Occupation: Running Coach

Location: Sydney NSW

Lucy Bartholomew:

Results: 1st Buffalo Stampede Skyultra, 1st Shotover Moonlight Skymarathon, 1st Northburn Skyultra 50k.

Age: 19

Occupation: Athlete.

Location: Melbourne VIC

Matt Murphy:

Results: 2nd Buffalo Stampede Skyultra

Age: 31

Occupation: Creator Search for Hurt

Location: Bright VIC

Blake Hose:

Results: 1st Buffalo Stampede Skymarathon, 6th Skyrunning World Championships, 3rd Transvulcania Skyultra

Age: 23

Occupation: Running Store Consultant

Location: Geelong VIC

13063448_1028000983955251_8113709615642732178_oVertical Kilometre Distance:

Aaron Knight:

Results: 1st Buffalo Stampede Vertical 12km

Age: 41

Occupation: Trail Guide

Location: Mt Beauty VIC

Stay tuned in the coming months as we catch up with each of the team members in their preparation for the World Championships!

Remember keep seeking “Less Cloud, More Sky”

Skyrunning ANZ