La Sportiva Kaptiva

By March 13, 2019

In just a few words: I’m loving my new La Sportiva Kaptiva shoes! I have to admit though, I am a longtime fan of the La Sportiva range and came into the review with a little bit of bias. However,
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It’s All About Conditioning!

By November 20, 2018

One of the biggest battles Skyrunners face when tackling the epic courses they’re confronted with is the fatigue caused by impact. The duration of the events are of course going to be a challenge to manage, as you have to
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6 Simple Hydration Tips

By March 12, 2018

Getting your fluid intake right is just one piece of the ultra running puzzle, but it’s arguably the most important. Apart from avoiding dehydration and hyponatremia, getting the right pack to carry the mandatory gear and maintaining it are also
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Skyrunning Essentials

By November 9, 2017

To be a Skyrunner you’ll need a few bits and pieces that your average roadie doesn’t. The distances, toughness of the terrain and environmental conditions all come together to make the sport unique and challenging, which is why most of
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Ben Duffus – The Hounslow

By October 14, 2017

On top of being a fantastic event in a stunning location, the Hounslow Skyrun 21km was to serve a dual purpose for me: being a stepping stone back towards longer races (after dealing with a back injury most of the
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