2020 CamelBak ANZ Skyrunner Calendar

Below are a heap of epic events that fit the bill as being Skyraces or events that posses serious vertical gain and technical terrain. What’s more, they’re in parts of Australia and New Zealand that are awesome to visit!

Make sure you check the event websites as details below may change.

January 18th– The Ultra Easy 107km/42km, Wanaka NZ, www.theultraeasy100.nz

February 15th– The Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon 42km/30km/21km, Queenstown NZ, www.shotovermoonlight.co.nz

March 20th– Northburn 50km/100km/100mile, Cromwell NZ, www.northburn100.co.nz

April 3rd to 5th – The Buffalo Stampede (Major Selection Race for World Skyrunning Championships) 26km/42km/75km, Bright AU, www.buffalostampede.com.au

June 6th – Mt Difficulty Ascent 21km/42km, Cromwell NZ, www.mtdifficultyascent.com

June 6th – Wandi Cross 5km/14km/27km, Bright AU, www.wandicross.com

June 13/14th – The Glow Worm Tunnel Trail Running Weekend 21km/42km, Newnes AU, www.glowwormtrail.com.au

August 29th – Bright Running Festival 25km/50km,Bright AU, www.brightrunfest.com

September 25th to 28th – The Hounslow Classic 23km/68km, Blackheath AU, www.hounslowclassic.com.au

Oct 31 to Nov 3rd – Bright 4 Peaks, Bright AU, www.4peaks.com.au

TBC November 16th – Great Southern Endurance Run 50mile/100mile, Bright AU, www.brighttobuller.com.au

TBC December 8th– The Cathedrals Challenge 21km/10km, Marysville AUS, www.cathedralschallenge.com.au

TBC December 12th– Raglan Karioi Trail 24km/10km/5km, Raglan NZ, www.raglankarioitrail.co.nz